This adorable duo can just bring smiles and guffaws by just flashing those sweet adorable faces of theirs. Yikes. See them perform every 3rd Saturday of the month at HAMBONES PUB, located in the sunbelt region of Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville.

Woody Drennan & Tessa Karel have been long time improvisers here in the Pittsburgh scene and take part in many shows. Woody is the founder of Unplanned Comedy and they both teach, coach and perform improv all around Pittsburgh. They both perform in the shows MONDO! and THE WRITERS' ROOM, here at Unplanned Comedy.

Woody Drennan is an 18 year veteran of improv, most of which was done in Los Angeles at IO West, Upright Citizens Brigade, and The Groundlings. After returning to Pittsburgh he had a short stint as the artistic director at the Steel City Improv Theater before starting Unplanned Comedy Pittsburgh. Woody also teaches classes as part of the Uplanned Comedy Training Center, both in Improv and Sketch Comedy.

Tessa Karel has been performing improv in the sweet city of Pittsburgh nonstop for over three years.  She has been an active member of the improv community, performing with many teams and at many festivals and at many theaters, just ask her and she will regal you with the tales. She is passionate about finding ways to bring improv performance and education to a wider audience in Pittsburgh- such as children and those with disabilities. Tessa is a certified special education teacher, a yoga teacher and thrilled to now be an educator with Unplanned Comedy Pittsburgh. You can see Tessa perform with The Well Known Strangers, a former house team of the Steel City Improv theater that now hosts the city wide CLO improv jam every Thursday at the Cabaret theater, with her show The Penny Arcade, at the Arcade Comedy Theater, or as a regular performer with Unplanned Comedy's MONDO! and Make NIce Boom.