Created by Alex Stypula

Follow a dentist who truly lives on the edge, pushed to the brink and ready to explode, literally.


Created by Frank McDade

After years of being a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, Mikey starts to question the world around him and sets on a course to discover life piece-by-piece.


Created by Secondhand Sketch

What happens when a local Pittsburgh laundromat becomes the center of all things good or bad? 


Created by Scott Hudson

In this series the whole family is always welcome home, but for how long.


Created by Gestalt

Gestalt roams the catacombs of Pittsburgh to find some of the greatest artists the city has never met. Then proceeds to psychologically tear them open, revealing the tender meat inside.


Submission Requirements

  • You are in charge of assembling your creative team (writers, director, editor, etc.)

  • When writing, remember this is a TV show, not a short film or movie preview

  • TV pilots should average between 5-8 minutes

  • You must have the rights to all of the footage in your pilot

  • Long title sequences aren’t necessary, but having your pilot's name appear on screen makes it easier to remember.

  • All submissions are digital (.mov recommended, but not essential)

  • Please do not upload your submission to your personal YouTube or Vimeo account before airing

  • UnplannedTV will upload all submissions to the Unplanned Comedy Pittsburgh YouTube page, crediting the production team and individuals

  • Please test your final file before submission

  • TV pilots are to be submitted no later than one week before an UnplannedTV show

How to Submit

  • Once you submit the form below, a member of the UnplannedTV team will be assigned as your point of contact

  • You will be emailed a link to Dropbox

  • Drop your video file in the Dropbox folder

  • Your video is submitted!

  • Your UnplannedTV contact will confirm your submission and can help with questions

Please fill out the form below. We will be in touch.

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