Episode 23 - Jump In The Pile And Love Someone

Woody and Tessa welcome Tamara Siegert and Garrett Titlebaum into the Unplanned Comedy Sky Lounge in the heart of Larrytown, Pittsburgh, Pa. Tamara Is an Improviser on the teams BAR PROV and Shannon; Garrett is an improviser, host, and podcaster. You can see him hosting THE WIDE OPEN STAGE: A Free Comedy Open Mic every Thursday at Cattivo. His podcast is named THE ART OF THE COVENANT, where he interviews folks who are part of the arts scene. His latest interview was with stand-up comedian Stewart Huff.

THE EPISODE IN A NUTSHELL: Swooshing is so much sexier than swinging - Sex piles in the sex bus - You don't get my suspension of disbelief anymore. Think it through.

Posted on August 19, 2015 .