Episode 39 - The Best of Volume 4

Woody compiles the best bits from the last 10 episodes. These are some of the best moments that deserve to be heard again and again. If you like what you hear go back and check out the full episode. You will not be disappointed.

THIS EPISODE IN A NUTSHELL: Ep #032, Brett Goodnack, Mindy Mchale, Jordan Bailley show how community theater will change your life --- Ep #033, Bryce Warman, Brad McNary show us the truth about David Duchovny --- Ep #037, Chris Franz, Sam Turich show us the magic of immersive theater --- Ep #036, Stacey Babyak, Laurie Bolewitz, Nilesh Shah make JK Rowling own-up to her shit. 

Posted on December 9, 2015 .