Mondo Speaks. We make a scene.

Every 4th Saturday of the month our special guest MONDO! tells true life stories as fodder for improvised scenes. Come see some of the funniest improvisers in Pittsburgh, bring to life some weird and wacky tales.

CATTIVO. $10 cash, 21+. Non-smoking. Food & Booze available. 

1/23/15 - 8:00 PM  (with a great opener MAKE NICE BOOM)

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MAYOR JOHN FETTERMAN, returns as MONDO!, and a candidate for U.S. Senate, representing Pennsylvania. There’s gotta be stories there. The last time he was here, he told the story, when shopping with his lovely wife one day, a stranger thought his lovely wife was a famous celebrity, simply because she was being escorted by what was obviously a hired personal bodyguard. He also told the story how he's been asked several times for his autograph, but always being mistaken for WWE star, THE BIG SHOW. 

2/27/15 - 8:00 PM  (with a great opener MAKE NICE BOOM)

JOHN DICK WINTERS  is a standup comedian, storyteller, chef, father of twin girls and owner of countless regrets. He is the co-founder and manager of the Race to the Coffin Comedy Tour and has been paid literally dozens of dollars to make people laugh. He is based primarily in Pittsburgh but has performed as far away as just outside of Pittsburgh.

John runs the monthly show “Comedy Roulette: Comedy with a Catch” at Club Cafe in Pittsburgh and has produced six wildly fun and insanely financially unsuccessful tours with Race to the Coffin Comedy. Booking the tour the same way he saw punk bands doing it when he was a kid; playing basements, coffee houses, performance theaters, living rooms and plenty of dive bars.

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John has also had the pleasure of working with a ton of super funny comics that no one has ever heard of and a few that you may actually know, such as Geoff Tate, Craig Gass, Myq Kaplan, Bryan Cook, Louie Katz, Sara Shaefer and Kyle Kinane. Most recently John was accepted to the 2014 & 2015 Cape Fear, 2014 Accidental, 2014 Scruffy City, 2014 Cleveland Comedy Festivals and won Pittsburgh’s 2014 Moth GrandSLAM Championship.