Every 4th Saturday of the month at 8PM, is MAKE NICE BOOM. Three improv teams each perform one 18 minute, off the cuff, improvised set, vying for your laughs and votes. Each team brings the funny then you cast your vote, crowning the undisputed champion of the world. See the champs take on two new contenders every month. Brutally hilarious.  

CATTIVO. $10 cash, 21+. Non-smoking. Food & Booze available. 


WELL KNOWN STRANGERS took the title from DAY DRUNK and is now the new Make Nice Boom champions of the world. The long time team brought their fast paced, no holds barred style of comedy, and the crowd responded with lots of laughs and a majority of votes. Come to the next show where they will take on two brand new challengers. Good stuff to come.