Harold is a form of improvisational theater developed by Del Close and taught by many improv programs throughout the country. Harold creates multiple characters, scenes, and story lines, all merging into one common thread. Many of todays sitcoms have their roots based in Harold. Thirty Rock, Modern Family

Harold teams are cast from student improvisers based on their development at the Unplanned Comedy Training Center. To be cast on a Harold team you must have finished up to and including IMPROV 301.

Students are encouraged to put together practice teams, get a seasoned coach, and work on your own style of Harold. Maybe your team can become a current Unplanned Harold team.

Classes are 3 hours, 8 weeks long, and will conclude with a class show.

Unplanned Comedy Training Center: 5601 Butler St. Lawrenceville, Pgh. Pa. 15201 (2nd floor)