SATURDAY, 10/7/17, 3:00 PM-5:00 PM

FREE IMPROV WORKSHOP at The Unplanned Comedy Warehouse. - Sign up for a free look at improv comedy here at Unplanned Comedy, Pittsburgh's newest place for all things comedy. Take a brief look at how a fun, positive, and less-then-normal environment is food for your soul.

INSTRUCTOR: Woody Drennan

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Matt Wohlfarth & Woody Drennan featured in FORBES magazine.

"Want To Improve Your Business Skills? Try A Stand-Up Comedy Or Improv Class"

Matt & Woody explain the merits of comedy training as a tool to hone your business prowess . Comedy classes train you to listen, hear and inspire. Please check that ego at the door. Click above to check out the article. Click below to sign up for a class. There's never been a better time.



WOODY DRENNAN is a 20 year veteran of improv and sketch comedy; studying, training, and performing in Los Angeles at IO WEST, Groundlings, and UCB LA. After moving back to Pittsburgh 4 years ago, he launched his own venture, UNPLANNED COMEDY  in Lawrenceville. He opened it above a Brewery, next to a Cross-Fit Gym. The two things that most "Larryvillers" love and hate, respectively.  "At the beginning, improv is scary, weird, and awkward for sure", Woody says. "But once you realize that scary, weird and awkward is the point of it all, you'll add fun to the list. Woody performs on the Harold team THE WRITERS' ROOM and you can also hear him on his podcast doing funny things. You should tune in, UNPLANNED UNSEEN: An Improv Comedy Podcast. You can find it on this website, Itunes and Stitchers, as part of Unplanned Comedy's podcast collective, BUTLER STREET RECORDINGS. So here's the thing, sign up for a class. Teaching and making people awesome is the only thing he's really good at. Just let him do that for you. It's his gift to you, inspired by your gift to him. There's never been a better time to take improv classes in Pittsburgh. Word.

“The funniest moments in improv come from watching, listening and reacting to the details, making stuff up, not that necessary.”
— Woody Drennan



A gift is never about liking it or not, it’s about the adventure it takes you on.
— Woody Drennan