Episode 35 - Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips is an Improvisor who just moved back to Pittsburgh after living in LA for two years. Andy and I talk about a lot and go on a couple tangents in the process. I talk to Andy about what I thought of him when I started Improv and why I was nervous to talk to him.

We also discuss his thoughts on Improv, the many restaurants he's worked in at Pittsburgh and LA, our anxiety and how reading is tough for us. Andy also dives into some of the hard times he had in LA that finally caused him to move back to his hometown. We talk about what he’s into now and his future plans. We also dive into some wacky/cool ideas on Charlie Brown and Catcher in The Rye.

This is the wackiest episode I've recorded so far, which also has a lot of down to earth moments. It was such a great time talking to Andy, loved every minute of it. Great talk. Enjoy

Posted on September 19, 2018 .