Episode 34 - Mary Parker

Mary Parker is an Improvisor, stand-up, and another High Scores (our musical improv team) alum of mine living in Pittsburgh. We got a chance to talk before she make her big move to London, England to attend grad school. We talk about our times on the high scores and I thought she didn’t like me, and she thought that I didn’t like her. We talk about her growing up in Atlanta and the many different places she’s called home. Then we got into some deep thoughts about public transportation, the difficulty of making friends in your 30s, working for non profits, and being on the board of directors for Arcade Comedy Theater. We talk about race and misogynistic problems in this country and how she thinks there's hope for America. It was awesome talking to Mary and I wish her the best in London. Great talk. Enjoy!

Posted on September 12, 2018 .