Episode 65 - Donatella

Anna Faila and Zhiwai Ma make up the Improv duo Donatella or they're just show producers for now because of their busy schedules. They have a variety show at Arcade Comedy Theater coming this Saturday at 10pm. They discuss how their friendship started and how they came up with the idea for the show. They talk about how important pride month is for them and representation as well. They talk about it all, coming out, identities, not owing anyone an explain who you our, and etc. This is all stuff I don't know and lazily never read up on, so a lot of the stuff they talk about on here surprises me. Anna and Zhiwai also tell me about the other work they do and we have a "deep" talk on sports. Make sure to check out their show at Arcade Comedy Theater on June 8th at 10pm. Loved chatting with these two. Enjoy!

Posted on June 5, 2019 .