Episode 62 - Jason Shavers

Jason Shavers is an actor in Pittsburgh. I saw Jason play Wadsworth in a live read of Clue at Arcade Comedy Theater and I really wanted to talk to him. We talk about how he loved the movie and has been wanting to do something with Clue forever and how ecstatic he was to be a part of it. We also talk about when he knew acting was what he wanted to do, doing theater in high school, and the small high school he went to that felt like a community. He also talks to me about the struggle of being an actor and the odd jobs you have to make ends meet. Jason also talks to me about growing up in Wilkinsburg and how close his family is. I even learn that I've seen Jason perform before, once when I started Improv at Arcade and another time back in the day (I was surprised). I really loved getting a chance to talk to Jason. I geeked out a little bit, but I don't care it was fun! Enjoy!

Posted on May 15, 2019 .