Episode 48 - Jethro Nolen

Jethro Nolen is an improvisor and has been one for over 20 years. He is also one of the directors of Arcade Comedy Theater in Pittsburgh. Jethro was another guy I was always curious about ever since I started doing improv. I had a moment with him when I first started that messed with my mind, and I was nervous to fully engage for a while. I bring that up and a plethora of other subjects and I learn that he is just a down to earth guy . We discuss many things like being observant and the mind, growing up in texas and also a surprise place for a few years, swearing, atheism, anxiety, and so much more. I had a great time talking to Jethro, and I got to know him a bit. This is another example of being nervous to talk to someone and find out that they're a nice person. Enjoy.

Posted on January 23, 2019 .