Episode 43 - Garrett Titlebaum

Garrett Titlebaum is a comedian and fellow podcaster here on Unplanned Comedy Pods. He tells me all the shows he hosted until he started It's Nice to See He's working. He also tells me how he decided to fully commit to his podcast and make it what it is today. We also share opinions about having bad shows and not letting it get to you too much. Garrett also talks to me about growing up in Ohio, politics, and how he works for himself. We also talk about each others podcast. I ask him how he prepares for his interviews and how to make an episode work with any type of guest. He even calms down some of my anxieties still about doing my show. Garrett is way more prepared than I am, I just dive right in haha. But Garrett is just a cool, nice, funny, and a respectful guy. It was great to chat with him a bit. Enjoy

Posted on December 6, 2018 .