Episode 42 - Anne Casper

Anne Casper is an Improvisor and comedian living in Pittsburgh. I've seen her perform a couple of times and thought she was really funny, so I invited her on to talk. We didn't talk about comedy at all, which I thought was awesome. We talked about a variety of stuff. We discussed reality shows we used to watch and still watch (a lot of me talking about the Hills), our anxiety and depression and things we go through all the time with it. Anne opens up about being bipolar and the other mental health stuff she goes through. Me and Anne even discuss our imaginary friends and their demises, and I bring up my sex life for some reason. This was such a weird conversation with mixtures of deep conversation and utter silliness, I really dug it. Anne was a lot of fun and easy to talk to. Enjoy!

Posted on November 28, 2018 .