Episode 44 - Cassi Bruno

Cassi Bruno a Pittsburgh comedian is not afraid to be honest. We even open the episode talking about shit, literally (just the beginning, don't worry).

In the Episode she talks of growing up in Brookline and how her feminist opinions weren't very popular in a small town’s narrow ideals. We also dive into her love of Britney Spears, and her time at a performing arts high school.

We also talk about the people we went to high school with and how we differ from them. We talk about our years at Edinboro, and the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I loved this conversation, it made me remember many things that I haven’t thought of in a long time. Enjoy.

Posted on December 11, 2018 .

Episode 43 - Garrett Titlebaum

Garrett Titlebaum is a comedian and fellow podcaster here on Unplanned Comedy Pods. He tells me all the shows he hosted until he started It's Nice to See He's working. He also tells me how he decided to fully commit to his podcast and make it what it is today. We also share opinions about having bad shows and not letting it get to you too much. Garrett also talks to me about growing up in Ohio, politics, and how he works for himself. We also talk about each others podcast. I ask him how he prepares for his interviews and how to make an episode work with any type of guest. He even calms down some of my anxieties still about doing my show. Garrett is way more prepared than I am, I just dive right in haha. But Garrett is just a cool, nice, funny, and a respectful guy. It was great to chat with him a bit. Enjoy

Posted on December 6, 2018 .

Episode 42 - Anne Casper

Anne Casper is an Improvisor and comedian living in Pittsburgh. I've seen her perform a couple of times and thought she was really funny, so I invited her on to talk. We didn't talk about comedy at all, which I thought was awesome. We talked about a variety of stuff. We discussed reality shows we used to watch and still watch (a lot of me talking about the Hills), our anxiety and depression and things we go through all the time with it. Anne opens up about being bipolar and the other mental health stuff she goes through. Me and Anne even discuss our imaginary friends and their demises, and I bring up my sex life for some reason. This was such a weird conversation with mixtures of deep conversation and utter silliness, I really dug it. Anne was a lot of fun and easy to talk to. Enjoy!

Posted on November 28, 2018 .

Episode 41 - Andrea

Andrea Wetherald is an Improvisor and the owner of her own business And Beyond. And Beyond helps companies create healthier and more efficient work environments. Andrea talks to me about her journey into creating the company. She talks about growing up in a more conservative leaning Mennonite family and how her worldview changed in the last ten years, going to college and finding out all these things she never knew about. She tells me about the many jobs she had, like the tech company she tried to get off the ground. She then dives into where she was in her life and the conversations she had with people who were stuck in their jobs which led her to commit and make And Beyond happen. Andrea was such a delight to talk to. If you want to know more about And Beyond and sign up for classes or take a worship visit https://www.andbeyondimprov.com

Posted on November 21, 2018 .

Episode 40 - Vanessa St. Clair

Vanessa is an Actress/Improvisor living in Pittsburgh. She tells me about growing up wanting to be a performer, how she went to a performing arts high school and got cast in all the comedic roles. She also talks to me about her love of Elvis, where she works, and the recent acting job she has now being in the play Of Mice and Men.

Vanessa also tells me how an experience with a shitty guy really put things into perspective, while forming how she thinks today. I think Vanessa is very wise beyond her years. When I was her age I wasn't even close to thinking how she does. A great talk that you will enjoy.

Posted on November 7, 2018 .

Episode 39 - Jason Newsom


Jason Newsom is an actor and Improvisor living here in Pittsburgh. He's also one of the nicest people I've ever met. Jason talks to me about growing up as a preachers kid, and how he always knew he was gay. He also talks about moving from Kentucky to Pittsburgh, and how Kentucky will always feel like home. Then, we talk all about moving to Chicago and falling in love with Sketch and Improv and how that led him into becoming a big part of the improv scene here. We also dive into us both being single, our own anxieties, and not worrying as much. Loved talking to Jason. Great talk. Enjoy.

Posted on October 24, 2018 .

Episode 38 - Haxel Leroy


Hazel Leroy is an actress and theater teacher living in Pittsburgh. Hazel has been in theater for almost her whole life and we talk about it all! She tells about how her life was growing up with a Dad in The service. Also, she talks to me about how she got her start in acting, her sons life as a musician and their relationship, and she even talks about those times before she was sober. Of course, we make time to talk about our anxiety! Hazel was lovely to talk to, could've talked more honestly. Great talk. Enjoy

Posted on October 17, 2018 .

Episode 37 - Sara Kantner


Sara Kantner is an improvisor living in Pittsburgh. I always thought Sara was a great improvisor, so I invited her on to chat a bit. We talk about movies we really liked growing up and why they still hold up, why she loved Rosie O'donnell, and how dumb humor is way fun to watch. Sara and I also took time to talk about our anxiety and the moments we most get in our head. I had a great time getting to know Sara a bit. Really cool person and fun chat. Enjoy!

Posted on October 10, 2018 .

Episode 36 - Matt Grant

Matt Grant is an Improvisor living in Pittsburgh who's also my friend! Matt and I talk about working in restaurants and the famous people he has met there. We also talk about disgraced comedians in the news. But the main subject in this episode, like a lot of them is anxiety and depression. We talk about how we're trying to better ourselves, and what's it like for us everyday. Matt also opens up about his bipolar disorder and what he worries about with it. We also dive into a recent thing that happened to Matt in Improv which also connects to the anxiety, depression, and just how he's been feeling lately. We also squeeze some time to talk about music. I always love talking to Matt. Very heartfelt and silly discussion. Great talk. Enjoy

Posted on October 3, 2018 .

Episode 35 - Andy Phillips

Andy Phillips is an Improvisor who just moved back to Pittsburgh after living in LA for two years. Andy and I talk about a lot and go on a couple tangents in the process. I talk to Andy about what I thought of him when I started Improv and why I was nervous to talk to him.

We also discuss his thoughts on Improv, the many restaurants he's worked in at Pittsburgh and LA, our anxiety and how reading is tough for us. Andy also dives into some of the hard times he had in LA that finally caused him to move back to his hometown. We talk about what he’s into now and his future plans. We also dive into some wacky/cool ideas on Charlie Brown and Catcher in The Rye.

This is the wackiest episode I've recorded so far, which also has a lot of down to earth moments. It was such a great time talking to Andy, loved every minute of it. Great talk. Enjoy

Posted on September 19, 2018 .

Episode 34 - Mary Parker

Mary Parker is an Improvisor, stand-up, and another High Scores (our musical improv team) alum of mine living in Pittsburgh. We got a chance to talk before she make her big move to London, England to attend grad school. We talk about our times on the high scores and I thought she didn’t like me, and she thought that I didn’t like her. We talk about her growing up in Atlanta and the many different places she’s called home. Then we got into some deep thoughts about public transportation, the difficulty of making friends in your 30s, working for non profits, and being on the board of directors for Arcade Comedy Theater. We talk about race and misogynistic problems in this country and how she thinks there's hope for America. It was awesome talking to Mary and I wish her the best in London. Great talk. Enjoy!

Posted on September 12, 2018 .

Episode 33 - Elizabeth Traini


I was on a musical improv team with Olivia for six months when I started doing Improv, but I was so shy I didn't really talk that much. We actually talk about some moments from our times in High Scores together. We also dive into a numerous amount of different topics in this talk. We discuss mental health, having trust issues and anxiety, performers we love in the comedy community, we open up about past failed relationships, breakfast, how to not get in your head, and so much more. I was so happy to finally talk to Olivia before she moves. She is so much fun to talk to. really great talk. Enjoy!!

Posted on September 7, 2018 .

Episode 32 - Ben Amiri

Ben Amiri Is a Improvisor from Pittsburgh and a very busy at that. He is on three teams that perform all around the city, Well Known Strangers, Change Machine. and Irony City. We talk about where Ben grew up and how he got his job with Nuclear equipment. We also talk about how he got into Improv and why he's still doing it. But I also get to know Ben the human being. We talk about how he's comfortable with how he is and not caring what everyone in any community thinks of you and not letting it get to your head. I got to know Ben a little bit, but there's still so much I want to know. He dropped a lot of truths that left me speechless. Loved talking to him and getting to know him more. Fun and Interesting talk. Enjoy

Posted on August 22, 2018 .

Episode 31 - Michael Ondrick


Michael Ondrick is an improvisor, a sketch comedy writer, and a humongous wrestling fan. The first half of this episode is dedicated to all things wrestling. Michael tells me when he discovered wrestling and when he became a fan, and as a fan, he lets me behind the secret curtain revealing the ins and outs of wrestling fandom. I was enlightened and impressed by world I know nothing about. The second half we talk about living in small towns, great places to eat, and Michael opens up a bit about his past struggles with addiction and his road to recovery. Michael is a solid dude and this was a great talk. Enjoy

Posted on August 9, 2018 .

Episode 30 - Matt Solter


Matt Solter is a Pittsburgh comedian who does improvisor and sketch comedy. We trade stories of going to religious schools and our most dreaded confessions. We also jump into some deep life lessons. We discuss if we're safe drivers, we interpret a crazy dream Matt had, we analyze are party personalities and personal fitness regiments. I got a crash-course on all things Romantic Comedy. Matt's a rom-com connoisseur. Matt also talks to me about how his monthly show The Playlist at Arcade Comedy Theater came together and how it works. Matts a really funny and nice guy and it was great talking to him. Enjoy.

Posted on August 1, 2018 .

Episode 29 - Michael Buzzelli


Pittsburgher Michael Buzzelli is a comedian, Theater critic for the Burgh Viviant, and humor columnist for the Observer Reporter. We talk about living and doing comedy in LA, Stories from his funny book Below Average Genius, and what it's like meeting a performer you gave a bad review to. Michael is such a pleasant guy to talk to and I had such a fun time talking to him. You can get his book Below Average Genius off amazon, some really funny stories in there. Fun talk. Enjoy!

Posted on July 26, 2018 .

Episode 28 - Julia Metelsky


Julia is an Improvisor and Stage manager living in Pittsburgh. Her three-person team Steven with the previous guest Michael Cunningham and Chris Laychak were a finalist in the Improv4humans contest. I and Julia have a weird conversation filled with random topics. Julia talks to me about when she started smoking, strange boyfriends she had growing up, her tattoos, and I mess up a fact about periods. We also play fuck, marry, kill and we talk deeply about what we want to work on in our Improv. Julia is just a fun person to shoot the shit with. Fun talk. Enjoy!!

Posted on July 18, 2018 .

Episode 27 - Michael Cunningham


Michael Cunningham Is an Improvisor living in Pittsburgh. Me and Mike just shoot the shit about numerous topics. We discuss him living in Florida, being in the navy and having terrible mentors, both of us being very gullible dudes, and his daughter and what it's like being a dad. Mike is just a solid dude, doesn't want to gossip behind peoples back, really nice guy. I felt like I barely scratched the surface with him, would love to have him back on. Fun talk. Enjoy!

Posted on July 11, 2018 .

Episode 25 - Anna C. Reilly Part 1


In this two-part episode, I talk with the amazing Anna C. Reilly. Anna is a Pittsburgh Improvisor and all around great person. Talk about many things, like what the C in her full name stands for. We dive into what her college life was like, which leads into a cool lesson on the Kremlin and many other Russian things! Anna and I also discuss Improv, the whole social side of the community, and are anxiety being in the community. Anna also talks about passions she has outside of Improv, and how she learned to not make Improv her entire life, which leads to some deep life talk. This was the first time I've ever had a full conversation with Anna, surprised that we had a lot in common. Loved talking to her. Great talk. Enjoy!

Posted on June 13, 2018 .