Episode 014 - The Bread Boys

Jagermeister Tempelhof and Tony Damico are in studio awkwardly working out the ins and outs of podcasting and helping with sponsorship goals. What's their advise? Drum up partnerships with Red Lobster, Butterball, and Tiny Cars with tiny pitch men Vern Troyer and Dustin Hoffman. Enjoy the awkwardness.

The Bread Boys are Woody Drennan & Alex Stypula

Posted on February 23, 2017 .

Episode 010 - Gabe Demaio & Zane Cook

Katanas, Surfboards, and Bubblebaths, all of which are truly awkward subjects in this episode of Pure Awkwardness. We talk with Rapture the Shadow Ninja, who jumps for ninja clan to ninja clan. We also touch base with Pittsburgh's favorite surfer who loves to wash his hair with bubbles and possesses the great skill of dodging simple questions. 

Posted on January 26, 2017 .

Episode 009 - Mindy McHale & Sheri Ward

A whole gang of guest this week! We start with MariaX and Butterfly, two back yard campers who've made a life for themselves by living in their parents back yard. We also talk to two of Aldi's hardest working clerks ever. They judge me about my personal issues with their store, and enlighten me with a few experimental stats about beef jerky sticks. Lastly, Julie the state trooper and Jeff the man with one arm and one leg tells us about the love that keeps them together. 

Posted on January 12, 2017 .

Episode 008 - Megan Klein & Joe Esch

Guaranteed our most awkward episode thus far. Best selling author Lady Judith Midnight brings her most awkward tales from her widely acclaimed adult romance novels Additionally, we have the Penny Candy Kid who showcases his talent for math and penny candy accounting - then it's get weird. 

Posted on January 6, 2017 .

Episode 006 - Rachael Wonderlin & Dave Kwiatkowski

In the studio for this awkward episode is Randy Edwards, Pittsburgh's own hometown plumber. Listen to Randy explain the great joys of plumbing, stemming from his keen eye for a fine septic tank. Also, Tennessee's best Emu farmer Sandra Goodman talks to us about the awkward duality of owning an emu farm with a night thrashing husband.

Posted on December 21, 2016 .

Episode 005 - Eric Webb Jr. & Jenna Sivak

Pittsburgh's favorite sports athlete look-alike Eric Webb jr and myself share the awkwardness of growing up with the smooth sounds of Genuwine and managing uncomfortable moments with our grandmothers. And speaking of grandmothers, we are also joined by the very snazzy Grandma Phillis. She tells us of her one-of-a-kind flavor palette and some off the wall recipes. So much awkwardness.

Posted on December 14, 2016 .

Episode 004 - Joe Marchi & Lizzie Kaniecki

Two very special guests drop by to talk about their very peculiar professions. Dr. Quebert Kockle Snake Oil tycoon enlightens us all on his claim to fame as the best snake oil salesman on this side of the Mississippi. As well as world renowned taxidermist and best selling author Roberta. Roberta talks of her many tricks of the trade being a young, extravagant, jet-setting, 4th grader. 

Posted on December 11, 2016 .

Episode 003 - Paige Polesnak & Daniel Ferrere

Two fantastic guests join Tyler today to make us all feel a little more uncomfortable. The wonderful Paige Polesnak tells us how she brings life to her comedy by incorporating music as a catalyst. Also sharing life experiences is Grant Martucci a life long librarian who just can't seem to get a break. When life gives you lemons, you sit back and say, "Yep, that figures." Enjoy the awkwardness.

Posted on December 1, 2016 .

Episode 002: Ian McIntosh & Jeff Marra

Comedian Ian McIntosh hangs out to talk about the wonders of guns and bullet holes. So fascinating on many levels, but who truly makes all things awkward is the infamous Netflix MacDonald, a man devoted to two things religiously, Netflix awareness and his daredevil stunt family. Enjoy the awkwardness.

Posted on November 24, 2016 .

Episode 001 - Jeff Marra & Dav David

Fellow podcaster Jeff Marra stops by to check the maiden voyage of BSR's brand new podcast from Tyler Ray Kendrick called Pure Awkwardness with Tyler Ray Kendrick. Tyler and Jeff are joined by another guest who makes his own debut, coming out of the dark shadows of the underworld. This man is the most mysterious, highly cloaked and widely misunderstood man in the whole Gambino crime family, the soft spoken, ruthless and highly skilled cleaner in all organized crime, Dav David. 

Posted on November 17, 2016 .