Successful comedians thrive on agreement, trust, honesty, outspokenness, and a strong refusal to pander or stereotype. Comedy is worth so much more this way. 

In this class, we will chip away at fears, insecurities and ego, find the truth, trust the truth, then exaggerate and intensify the truth. Comedy is finding the games that lie within the scene.

Though the base of this class is grounded in improv and an improv performance, stand up comedians in Pittsburgh will find this class helpful as well. Finding the game of the scene is working out a bit . Working from a place of trust, honesty and truth, creates your unique comedic voice that an audience loves to love.

Each session is 8 weeks long with one three hour class per week. Each class will end with a performance for your family and friends.

This class is a beginners level open to anyone and everyone.

Woody Drennan

Woody is a 20 year veteran of improv and sketch comedy, studying, training, and performing in Los Angeles at IO WEST, Groundlings, and UCB LA. After moving back to Pittsburgh 3 years ago, he launched his own venture, Unplanned Comedy Pittsburgh.  Woody performs on the Harold team THE WRITERS' ROOM and the duo WOODY and TESSA. You can also hear him on his podcast UNPLANNED UNSEEN: An Improv Comedy Podcast were he and invited special guest do some banter and schtick.