IMPROV 201: Scenes & Narrative

Improv 201: Scenes & Narrative

In 201 we start to work in teams taking the two person scene to the next level. Teams doing scenes. We build on the philosophy that all improv is about partnership and community. Each scene belongs to a greater community. By using various improv techniques and tools, the team will create, understand, and participate in the greater community that all scenes reveal to us.

Each 8 week session ends with a class show for your family and friends.


Woody is a 20 year veteran of improv and sketch comedy, studying, training, and performing in Los Angeles at IO WEST, Groundlings, and UCB LA. After moving back to Pittsburgh 3 years ago, he launched his own venture, Unplanned Comedy Pittsburgh.  Woody performs on the Harold team THE WRITERS' ROOM and the duo WOODY and TESSA. You can also hear him on his podcast UNPLANNED UNSEEN: An Improv Comedy Podcast were he and invited special guest do some banter and schtick.