MAKE NICE BOOM needs your improv team. Every second Friday of the month, three teams enter the stage to start the pain. Each improv team has 20 minutes to do a completely improvised set, vying for the audience's vote . Yes the audience has the power. Each audience member will cast a ballot voting for their favorite team. The winner returns the next month to defend their title. Sign up now and be the next champ. Three teams enter, one team leaves. Clear mind, full heart, can't lose -- Make Nice Boom on three...

Check the Calendar for upcoming shows.



  1. If voted the winner, your team must be able to perform each month on the 2nd Friday of the month
  2. If voted the winner, you must return with the same team members.  You may play with less team members but you can't add or replace any team members.
  3. Winners are determined by audience's and only the audience's casted ballots. Ballots will be given out at the box office. Once the first teams performance starts, ballots will not be handed out.
  4. All sets are improv comedy only. No written material.
  5. All sets are 18 minutes long. You must fill the entire 18 minutes. No more. No less. 
  6. All ties will be decided by a 5 minute overtime. The host will vote in the overtime.
  7. Email with any questions or concerns. 


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