wants to keep things loose - finds no shame in stating the obvious - informs you of displeasures by literally sending you a crock of shit - doesn't need to have fun, it just happens that way - honors the ass, gas or grass policy - prefers wakes over weddings - is always hands on - lives wide eyed and fancy free - loves to put a thing down, flip it, and reverse it - doesn't do well with lists, or labels, or getting regular oil changes - understands that scooching over is most definitely foreplay - are improvisers.

JEFFREY THE PLANT is the cool side of the pillow.

Jillian began improvising in October of 2013 in a shameless attempt to make friends when she moved back to Pittsburgh. Her favorite part about improv is discovering new characters and playing them genuinely to connect with her teammates onstage. Jillian also dabbles in sketch comedy with her team Sacrelicious.

Alex started doing improv at the beginning of 2014 in the first 101 offered at Unplanned Comedy. He attended Improv Utopia East Camp over the summer. Alex isn't a stranger to the comedy scene though. He has been playing in the comedy cover band Uke Skywalker & Tuba Fett as the tubaist since its formation in Summer 2006. He spends his free time doing what any well respected 20-something nerd does, giggling to cartoons in his underwear, with his cat.

mindy jeffrey.png

Mindy McHale started with improv classes in 2013, and has performed with several house and independent teams since then. She currently performs on Unplanned Comedy Theater's Harold team Jeffrey the Plant, as well as Unplanned's Mondo, the indie all-female team Atomic Jane, and the duo S&M. Mindy also produces independent improv shows in non-traditional venues. 

Mindy looks forward to the fun and freedom that comes with working with her fellow improvisers. Improv also gives Mindy an outlet to exercise her mom-privilege of embarrassing her grown children in public, which is hard to do, but that won't stop her from trying.

Annie has been a ham on the inside since 1989, moved from West Virginia to Pittsburgh in 2012, and began her improv education in 2014. She has been on an improv and sketch comedy roller coaster ride ever since, including with her current sketch comedy team, Sacrelicious. Besides laughing, Annie gets excited about books, cookies, and trees. 

Jordan discovered improv in the Fall of 2013 when he began taking classes at the Steel City Improv Theater. Since then, in a bold and beautiful investment that his future children will thank him for, he has taken classes at Unplanned Comedy in Lawrenceville, Steel City Improv Theater in Shadyside, and the Arcade Comedy Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. Jordan is a proud member of the beloved Ocho Dik Dik, a former house team at SCIT. He performs with the SCIT house team, Fervor, and the Unplanned harold team, Jeffrey the Plant, and alongside his best improv friend, Ian McIntosh, as Ween. Everything funny Jordan says or does is stolen directly from the hilarious and equally influential television shows Seinfeld and Community. Jordan is honored to be taught by, and share the stage with, so many good and genuine people. Jordan believes improv is ridiculously challenging and incredibly fun.

John Gonzales once had his toe cut off. Ask him to tell you the story. If he does, take pride in the fact that he deems you a very close and personal friend.

Mike Roarty stumbled upon improv in 2014 when he returned to Pittsburgh after a decade of residing in the Midwest. He took classes with Unplanned Comedy later that year and began planting improv seeds with Jeffrey last fall. He enjoys a nice bowl of soup and jumping into pools.