Episode 173 - Tamara Siegert & Hazel Leroy


I had a blast talking with Tamara Siegert & Hazel Leroy both cast members of Welcome to Moonside, a new immersive theater experience from Vigilance Theater Group. We really have great discussion about acting and theater. We discuss how each of them get in to character specifically for immersive theater, and we talk about the recent growth of this particular style of live theater.

Some time ago, I met Hazel and Tamara in the local improv scene and we talk about how those skills led them down the path towards immersive theater. We also spend some talking of how pursuing and following your passions, at all points of your life, is a requirement for true happiness.

Welcome to Moonside - will run August 22nd - September 28th. 8:00 PM. See above link for tickets. Only 25 tickets are available for each performance and you’ll have the opportunity to return to a legendary Pittsburgh location, Lava Lounge.

The Spirits need your help. You've been called to Moonside, the otherworldly home base of our spectral caretakers, at a time of crisis: Earth is rotten, Spirits are getting lost and no one can remember how to make things better. Some of the Spirits think you can help; others are not very happy you've arrived. Can you make things right — or is a sinister fate in store for our ghostly hosts?

Posted on August 21, 2019 .