Episode 138 - Senneca Stone & John Dick Winters

Senneca Stone & John Dick Winters

Senneca Stone & John Dick Winters

First, I’d like to say one thing about this episode, I found I know very little about The Misfits.

Senneca Stone & John Dick Winters, two old friends of the podcast return ahead of their respective comedy anniversaries.

Senneca Stone joined the podcast almost two years ago to the date, and I’m happy he’s back. Now 3 years into his stand-up career, he is heading into his first featured spot, tomorrow, at Helium Comedy Club in Buffalo. Helium is a space where Senneca had the chance to host a handful of weekend shows, including this past weekend with Nate Bargatze.

John Dick Winters joins the very elite 3 timers club on the podcast. Upon the eve of his 7th anniversary as a joke teller, we discuss how the first three months are going at the Burning Bridges Comedy Club, the club he and Derek Minto recently started at Hambone’s Restaurant.

Also JDW is in the midst of submission season for his festival with the same name as his club, we discuss the finer points of getting a good tape together, we talk strategy on working out a longer set on tour, and go over some of the different trends he has seen as a booker and promoter which lead him to opening Burning Bridges Comedy Club.

Lots of great moments come up with these two when they talk of their different comedy journeys. They both offer a ton of insight on many different topics surrounding comedy today in its current state.

Burning Bridges Comedy Club is Pittsburgh’s only independent stand up club with shows every Saturday at 8:00 PM and 10:30 PM, Sundays at 9:00 PM, as well as open mics Monday and Thursday, both at 9:00 PM


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Posted on December 19, 2018 .