Episode 115 - Nick Miller

Nick Miller of Black Forge Coffee Nice to see he's working
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Nick Miller & Ashley Corts co-owners of Black Forge Coffee House are wrapping up their Kickstarter campaign in the next 5 days with the hope of being able to develop a second larger venue in McKees Rocks. For this episode I was joined in the studio by Nick Miller for a great chat about this current crowdsourcing campaign and their goals for growth into the new location. We also talk about his experiences behind the bar at one of my early comedy open mic homes, The Lava Lounge, and the very successful Epicast podcast network. 

Nick and I dig into the punch card controversy that got his shop national attention last year and my dream as an 8-year-old of becoming a Sega video game character. 

If you have the chance this week, please check out their Kickstarter campaign and find a reward level that you feel comfotable with. I can't wait for my new mug to arrive once they hit their goal!

1-800-637-HOPE (4673)

Posted on July 11, 2018 .