Episode 99 - Jeff Konkle

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There were a number of reasons why I should have had this week’s guest, Jeff Konkle, on the podcast long-long ago. For one reason or another, it just didn't happen, but I’m glad to have him here on the 99th episode of the show. Jeff is open and honest about how his hobbyist mentality towards stand-up comedy has allowed him to find fulfillment both professionally and creatively. 

Now a dozen years into the craft much has changed for Jeff since starting at 22. Konkle has become a weekly staple on Pittsburgh radio as WDVE’s Mr. Wednesday, he’s headlining around Western Pennsylvania (along with working as a feature for tons of household names), and he gets to come home to his wife and two young boys.

Jeff will be headlining the debut of Sean Collier Presents at Arcade Comedy Theater this Saturday 3/24 at 8p.

Posted on March 20, 2018 .