Episode 100 - Miniature Table Concert

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Episode 100 - We Did It!

For Episode 100 I wanted the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the incredibly talented duo of Kevin O’Brien and Michelle Riches. These two have been my comedy siblings ever since we first met in 2014. Honestly and truly there are no two better people to have on this momentous occasion and they are a couple of the best human beings I’ve been fortunate enough to call my friends.

Our conversation covers a variety of comedy focused topics like having an audience focused mindset, learning to refocus nerves and expectations for a good show, and Kevin’s ability to get me to break on stage and his experience coaching and teaching musical Improv.


In the time we’ve been friends the three of us have shared tons of experiences both on and off stage that have helped in us each developing our own sense of self-awareness and a comfortability about where we are in life today. It definitely comes through in this great conversation about celebrating what you have and not obsessing on what you don’t have. We talk about supporting your community when others succeed and learning to let people like what they like.

I’m so proud to see the growth these two have made as performers over the last four years and next weekend you’ll have the chance to see them thrice at Arcade Comedy Theater!

Friday, April 6, 8 PM - Your Life: The Musical

Saturday, April 7, 8 PM - Dinner with the Nolens

Saturday, April 7, 10 PM - Ted City Yodelers and Well Known Strangers

This show would not be possible without the support of this community each and every week. I’m so appreciative to have your ears each and every time you decide to tune into the program. From the bottom of my heart thank you for taking the time to support my journey in comedy, acting, and podcasting as I attempt to learn about how the people in my life are finding success in their chosen careers and passions. Thank you one and all.

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Posted on March 27, 2018 .