Episode 93 - Harry Gilliland & Alex Homyak

Harry Gilliland Alex Homyak Unplanned comedy pods nice to see he's working

So we are starting the 2nd month of the year with a trip back to the podcast archives with a great episode for all our stand-up newcomers. Harry Gilliland & Alex Homyak help us navigate the ins and outs of the open mic scene. We discuss how to manage a jukebox playlist, how to grow your act, how to choose your regular rooms, and how to enhance your stage persona by adding more you.

I've been blessed to have come up in this community around a lot of supportive friends, and this episode was taped right after the 10th week of my former Cattivo weekly open mic, The Wide Open Stage. It’s a great introduction for new comics to the scene even nearly two and a half years after it originally occurred.

Original Air Date:  Oct. 26, 2015

Posted on February 6, 2018 .