Episode 134 - Ian Insect

Ian Insect nice to see he's working.png

Thanksgiving Week we’re digging into the archives for an early Art of the Covenant chat with my friend, comedian Ian Insect. I’m thankful for each and everyone of you that’s ever listened to the pod, come seen a stand up show or watched my film or tv work. People like Ian who have supported me from the outset are the exact reason that I’m still able to do the comedy that I love every week. Lots of great chats to come in the final weeks of 2019 ahead so thanks for your continued support of the podcast. Love to you all. Keep the faith.

Original Air date: August 31, 2015

“Get inside the mind of Pittsburgh stand up, Ian Insect, in this one on one chat about the creation to his unique on stage persona and style of comedy that he aptly describes as “Always On But, A Little Off.” Insect hosts his own podcast Ian Insect is Evil on the Epicast Network and hosts a weekly Monday night open mic at lave Lounge at 10p. #SWIVE Stand Up, it’s ya boi, from the I to the A to the N.”

Posted on November 20, 2018 .