Episode 98 - Ed Bailey

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Fellow Ohioan Ed Bailey and I dig into the genesis of his podcast Drinking Partners, produced by himself and co-host Day Bracey for the Epicast Network. Ed and Day are fresh off their featured spot on "Beerland" a beer-themed TV show on the Viceland Network shot and recorded right here at the Unplanned Comedy Warehouse. I got tons of great advice on hosting and producing high-quality live comedy show. Twice a month Ed and Day host their show at the Comtra Theatre and the Arcade Comedy Theater.

We talk about the allures of Cleveland to his outlook on fatherhood and recovering from a life-threatening car accident. Ed is a common feature at comedy clubs and discusses his growing career, but as a fellow Ohioan, we must devote a little time talking all things Lebron. This conversation was a blast. What a great hour of banter. 

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Posted on March 13, 2018 .