Episode 74 - Terry Jones

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Starting comedy at 18, Terry felt called to bring his unique perspective to stage. Our conversation dips into a variety of great spaces including, viewing comedy as music genres, staying competitive with yourself and your goals vs. the other comedians, and how Pittsburgh and the surrounding counties may not have been ready (and still might not be) for his Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter bit. 

Whether you know him from his video sketches, his time on morning radio, or his social media presence (@Tjonespoc) this conversation is one of my favorites since I started this show. I hope it gives you a new perspective on both Terry and my approaches to being a vessel for comedy and joy in this world. 

Terry and I talk shortly after the one-year anniversary of taping his first hour, Limbo Negro, which if you have not heard by now I highly recommend it. 

iTunes: Limbo Negro by Terry Jones 

Spotify: Limbo Negro by Terry Jones

Posted on September 26, 2017 .