Episode 70 - Hambones owner Jeff Holt

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This week Jeff Holt, General Manager and co-owner of Hambone's Pub (the Cheers of the Pittsburgh arts community) is on the mic, sitting down with me for his very first podcast interview ever. We talk much about Hambones, the bar on Butler street where we all love to work and play. We talk about how he transformed the space into a haven for many performing artists from many backgrounds here in Pittsburgh. Jeff and his staff have truly created a place that feels like home for comedians, actors, musicians and even one rogue fortune teller. 

But deep down inside this bar owner is an artist. Jeff opens up about his own artistic background of being a passionate and educated painter and sculptor. He has art on the walls to prove it. This was a great talk with a great guy.

If you haven't been yet, I'd recommend swinging by 4207 Butler St. during your next visit to Lawrenceville for a beer, a bite, a laugh or a song.

Also check out Unplanned Comedy's open mic, The Five & Dime every Monday Night. 

Posted on August 29, 2017 .