Episode 52 - Live From Kaiju

Recorded in Louisville during The Rupees & Shekels Tour, this impromptu episode was recorded the only night of our tour where we didn't have enough audince to perform for. Luckily all of the other acts from the evening, Krish Mohan, Mandy McKelvey, & Kent Carney, were all happy enough to hop on mic for a live episode to discuss telling jokes in Kentucky, The success their scene has had with character roasts/homework shows, their first undniable hit on stage, handling bombing with grace, and just a whole lot of Star Wars expanded universe info.

Fun to end Year One of the podcast back where we started, doing a live panel interview in front of a handful of people or less. DIY comedy is happening in cities all across the country and being on tour this month it was very cool to see and hear how each scene works. This show serves as a time capsule full of great conversations filled with passionate people at a moment in time discussing why they do this. I'm thankful to each and every person that has come on the show over the last 52 weeks and I'm excited to share my growth over the second year and beyond. 

Posted on April 25, 2017 .