Episode 88 - Rashad Bashir, Wanjiko Eke, & Bob Kitson

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Great way to kick off Year 3 of podcast episodes with a trio of incredibly funny New York City comedians. On the mics this week, while visiting the Steel City for the third iteration of Norlex Belma's LexFest at Club Cafe are Rashad Bashir, Wanjiko Eke, & Bob Kitson. We talk about the skills needed to be a good host and a comic generally, we talk about the differences between NYC and LA audiences, we go over the types of rooms and scenes that exist in the Big Apple, we have a good conversation on how to respond to different types of moments on stage, and of course we take some time to talk about kittens.

Loved getting to know all three of these jokers during their December visit and to see them perform both at LexFest III and at The Home Club at the Unplanned Comedy Warehouse. Check out this month's Home Club on Saturday 1/6/18 at 8 PM!

Posted on January 2, 2018 .