Episode 87 - Andrea Wetherald

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and were able to spend your Christmas with all your friends and family. (if listening to this the day it comes out). In 2014, I was lucky to get to take an improv class with this week’s guest, Andrea Wetherald at the Steel City Improv Theater. While studying there we were both placed on our very first improv house team, Carousel Rehab. Andrea and I talk about some of our fun and ridiculous improv scenes we've done, and our super famous improv duo, Blunder.

This episode covers some of the major changes in Andrea’s life in 2017, including the journey to become foster parents with her husband Kyle, and growing her on-site office training company, Improvising the Office.

In less than two weeks on January 6 at 8 AM Andrea is launching her new workshop titled, Improvising the Inside: The Path to Forgiveness. The one-day session will run until 11:30 AM at the Pittsburgh Mennonite Church. FREE onsite childcare is available for any participants in need.

Posted on December 26, 2017 .