Episode 80 - NFBD’s Jordon Rooney

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Never Fear Being Different (NFBD) founder & CEO Jordon Rooney and I met for the very first time on the mic doing this episode. We had an amazing and unique conversation ranging from his time playing professional football in Serbia, Brazil, and Poland, to his frustrations with society's need to fall in line, which led to the origin of NFBD. We talk about his early collegiate podcast experiences that helped him feel more comfortable speaking, then closed it up with how he approaches dialogue on race and culture with people that disagree with him.

Jordon is open and honest about the vision of the NFBD movement, and his viral success of his most recent videos Confronting Racism from the Charlottesville protests and Colin Kaepernick & NFL - National Anthem Protest.

NFBD looks to make an impact worldwide by spreading a positive message on self-awareness, overcoming our insecurities, avoiding negative attitudes and behaviors, and attempting to bring a realistic vulnerability to connect with people through social media and public speaking engagements.

Posted on November 7, 2017 .