Episode 40 - John Gonzales

Per tradition on the podcast the 10s are extra special and I decided to use this week to flash back two whole years to my first podcast. Just like most of these early episodes it winds up north of two hours. Some would say too long, but I think it shows my roots as an interviewer and you'll even hear some great bits from this time capsule flashback, including the origin of a few of my stand up bits.

My guest this week is my friend and former (or future from the time of this recording) teammate, John Gonzales. The two of us get up close and personal on a variety of topics from his life; musical improv, teaching in Japan, popcorn, conventions and his time in Richmond.

Super Bowl LI is this Sunday and it gave me a great chance to dip back two full years into the vault for this unaired From The Height of Your Intelligence episode that was taped during the evening of the infamous Deflategate Game, January 18, 2015 and will serve as our mutual alibi for the day that some footballs were underweight which somehow means Tom Brady had to miss 4 games.

Check me out this week in Pittsburgh: 

February 2 - Zoach Trivia Host at The Beerhive

February 3 - The People's Highbrown Improv at SCIT

February 4 - Stand Up Comedy at Arcade Comedy Theater


Posted on January 31, 2017 .