Episode 28 - Laurie Bolewitz

Presidential Elections come every 4 years. Who knows where we will be in 2020? Today we commemorate the first Election Day in US History with a female nominee for President of a major party by having our first female one on one guest, the incredible talented and wonderful, Laurie Bolewitz for a nearly two hour chat! Depending on your involvement in Pittsburgh comedy you may recognize her from her role on the Web Series The Hard Dentist, her musical group Uke & Tuba, or perhaps from one of her improv teams, Atomic Jane or Well Known Strangers. We covered many talking points including-- the best joke, period-- producing her own stand up contest-- and her passion for creating a comedy community full of diversity. I for one am going to continue to look for guests from a variety of places for this show to try and bring as many people into the Nice2See Community.

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Posted on November 8, 2016 .