Episode 23 - John Dick Winters

As John embarks on a five week tour ahead of recording his first comedy album, I brought him into the studio to get to know the RACE TO THE COFFIN curator a little better.  JDW is constantly producing some of the best local comedy in town with his monthly showcases, Comedy Roulette and Technically Sunday. Earlier this year, he partnered with the folks from EPICAST NETWORK to put on the very first BURNING BRIDGES FESTIVAL, which showcased comedians from all across the country. In this conversation, we dig into Winters wide variety of careers, being Straight Edge in Altoona, his tearful Grand Slam Championship winning monologue at THE MOTH, and how he plans to structure the set list for his first album, "Celebrate the Ugly Things."

FYI - I do apologize for the volume issues on this episode.  John's mic was a little soft throughout the recording. Though rest assured, I have punished myself for these actions. I'll show you the marks someday. 

Posted on October 4, 2016 .