Episode 60 - Regina Connolly & Alex O'Brien

Such a joy to catch up with my former Side Quest teammates Regina Connolly & Alex O'Brien. They both recently joined the cast of Well Known Strangers, the veteran improv team and long-time hosts of the Pittsburgh Improv Jam. I loved the chance to chat with two guests who really have great comedy chemistry and are regular collaborators on all things funny.

We chat about Bonus Stage, where Side Quest will be performing this Sunday at 7p. Discussion dips into back pocket improv moves, coping with fear of playing with people they've looked up to, the Friday Night Improv days of Pittsburgh, and balancing the busy schedules of comedy, work and life.

Posted on June 20, 2017 .

Episode 59 - Molly Sharrow



Pittsburgh loses another great comic today as we wish Molly well on her drive to Los Angeles. Really had a fun time getting to talk about some of the early days of her Pittsburgh comedy career, the Tool concert she went to the previous night and bonding over sadness.

Have fun living that cowabunga lifestyle and enjoy the ride west today Molly! Polish Hill will be a little shorter tonight.

Posted on June 13, 2017 .

Episode 58 - Ryan Canty

Ryan comes back on the podcast for his first one on one episode. We chat about his time in New York City, the upcoming shows at Arcade for Pride weekend, LGBQTIA+, Master of None and Dear White People's recent depictions of race and sexuality, the gentrification of Harlem, and his time at Columbia.

Ryan was, as he always, frank, open and honest and I for one always enjoy his take on things. Hope you enjoy the episode and have a chance to check out some of the great events this weekend downtown for Pride. 

Posted on June 6, 2017 .

Episode 57 - Alex Stypula

Go see The Handsome Prince Alex Stypula this Saturday night at 8:00 PM at SIT DOWN & LAUGH at THE UNPLANNED COMEDY WAREHOUSE. Listen to his new podcast GIVE ME MURDER OR GIVE ME DEATH, his debut album DOLPHINS ARE GARBAGE, and put your eyes on YEAH, YOU LIKE THIS, on YouTube or The Hard Dentist wherever Web Series are sold. 

A year ago, Alex headlined the first independent showcase I hosted, The Cat's Pajamas, on the same night as Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals during the Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup run. With the Pens back in the Finals looking to repeat as Champions, Alex and I get back together to discuss his busy year, quitting his day job, his upcoming tour, religion, and all sorts of Race to the Coffin stories.

Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Episode 56 - Jason Clark

Talk about being in the right place, at the right time, comedian Jason Clark was picked out of the audience to lend his score-keeping-hand to Aaron Kleiber's game show, Stand Up, Get Down, a monthly stand up comedy game show at Arcade Comedy Theater. Since then, Jason has used his friendly personality and genuine love of comedy to become a permanent fixture as the co-host of the very successful show.

Jason opens up about growing up in a biker family, and tells the beautiful story of beginning his own family. As a fellow stand up comedian, improviser and host , Jason and I covered a lot of comedy ground in this episode. We also talk about all the exciting updates on the Arcade Upgrade.

Posted on May 23, 2017 .

Episode 55 - Dov Marcus

With the release of the first few episodes of the Healthcare Raw podcast this week, Dov Marcus begins the mission of bringing his real life passion for speaking directly to his nursing patients to the Internet. 

Having met Dov in 2015 while hosting The Wide Open Stage, a weekly open mic at Cattivo, it has been great to see how he goes about promoting his message of positivity and care into his episodes like he did into his stand up sets. In our chat we discuss how he went from rabbinical school to nursing school, parenting and spirituality, and how bringing your perosnility into your work can allow paitients to open up and feel at ease. 

If you want to hear more from Dov, check out Healthcare Raw and be sure to subscribe, rate and review his new show: 



Posted on May 16, 2017 .

Episode 54 - Brian Crawford

With 16 separate venues all located in the city of Millvale.--- the Millvale Music Festival's inaugural rockfest happens this Saturday at 11:30AM. Brian Crawford, festival coordinator and owner of The River's Edge radio station, stops by for chat about all things Crawford. We talk about the success of The River's Edge Radio station, Pittsburgh's only all local, 24 hour streaming radio station. We talk about the organization and team behind the Millvale Music Festival. We even talk about his past experience with local politics, and his hosting duties on the MWF morning radio program River Talk. Enjoy.

Posted on May 9, 2017 .

Episode 53 - Parlour's Brian Stone & Adam Sabin

Very excited to take the first episode of year two into a new realm of passion and creativity by branching into the culinary arts for this week's episode.

Last month, while on the road for the Rupees & Shekels Comedy Tour I got to catch up with two fellow Springboro High School alumni on the one week anniversary of the grand opening of Parlour, their new restaurant just across the river from Louisville in Jeffersonville, IN.

Like Covington/Newport, KY have become for Cincinnati, Jeffersonville is growing into a destination for locals and travelers to stop and relax and with Parlour's location at the foot of the Big Four Bridge they are primed to become a staple of the the area.

Brian Stone and I catch up first with a chat covering his hiring philosophy for the kitchen, colaberating with longtime friends in the Sabin family, the charm of Jeffersonville and Louisville that drew him there, and share stories of our mutual friend, the late Jamie Rowland.

Up next, Adam Sabin and I got to know each other a little better and I get the chance to fanboy out a bit about watching him perform throughout Ohio in the early 2000s with the band, Coping with Ignorance. We also discuss working with your siblings, cocktails, the preparation for the restaurant opening, the secret of life, and reconnecting with his now wife as adults (she's also a Springboro grad)!

Posted on May 2, 2017 .

Episode 52 - Live From Kaiju

Recorded in Louisville during The Rupees & Shekels Tour, this impromptu episode was recorded the only night of our tour where we didn't have enough audince to perform for. Luckily all of the other acts from the evening, Krish Mohan, Mandy McKelvey, & Kent Carney, were all happy enough to hop on mic for a live episode to discuss telling jokes in Kentucky, The success their scene has had with character roasts/homework shows, their first undniable hit on stage, handling bombing with grace, and just a whole lot of Star Wars expanded universe info.

Fun to end Year One of the podcast back where we started, doing a live panel interview in front of a handful of people or less. DIY comedy is happening in cities all across the country and being on tour this month it was very cool to see and hear how each scene works. This show serves as a time capsule full of great conversations filled with passionate people at a moment in time discussing why they do this. I'm thankful to each and every person that has come on the show over the last 52 weeks and I'm excited to share my growth over the second year and beyond. 

Posted on April 25, 2017 .

Episode 51 - Andy Picarro

As Pittsburgh copes with the loss of our long-haired, curmudgeon comedian to Los Angeles, here's a chat from the end of Andy's time here in Pittsburgh. 

We talk about set planning, having money at a young age, touring, knowing what you are good at, writing and shooting a TV pilot with Ray Zawodni, Penguins hockey, and why it felt like the right time to move west. 

Posted on April 18, 2017 .

Episode 50 - Jesse Irwin

Host and the founder of Pitt Tonight, Jesse Irwin, joined me for a nice long chat about taking the idea of hosting a late night tv show on campus from dream to successful franchise. Taped right after the penultimate episode of this season, he heads into his final show on Sunday night before graduation this spring. As a fellow interviewer, Jesse easily guides his conversation into interviewing me at times as well. Real smooth!  

We discuss the search for his replacement, summer internship on Conan, his time at Penn State, his undying love for the city of Pittsburgh, and his first three stand up open mic sets. 

Happy 50th Episode! 

Posted on April 11, 2017 .

Episode 48 - James Rushin

All you musically inclined fans are in for a treat with this weeks guest. This week I had a great chat with James Rushin, who just happened to be in town visiting from his new home New York City. James and I discuss many interesting topics, like meeting and collaborating with stand-up comedian Todd Glass, following the careers of playwrights like those of musicians or directors, and things he's seen from behind the piano as an accompanist for improv.

Posted on March 28, 2017 .

Episode 45 - Stewart Huff & Krish Mohan

One of the best things about stand up is the comroderriemy that comes with touring and spending countless open mic nights out together. As Krish and I get ready for my first week long comedy tour next month and this Saturday Night at 7:30p where I'll be hosting for Lee Camp and Krish at The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls, it seemed like the right time to flash back to a fun chat I had with Krish and his other comedy mentor, Stewart Huff in 2015.

Posted on March 7, 2017 .

Episode 44 - Stanley Graham

This week's episode features actor Stanley Graham and I catching up during the holiday season shortly after he returned from Kansas City where he understudied both male leads for the world premiere of Have You Met Miss Jones?

We chat on musical improv, of which you can see him perform this Friday 8pm at Arcade in Your Life the Musical. Stop by Unplanned Comedy Warehouse at 10p (doors 930p) for the debut of my new variety show, The Home Club.

Posted on February 28, 2017 .

Episode 43 - Ryan Garasich & Harry Gilliland

During a holiday visit from his new home in Phoenix, I was lucky enough to have Ryan Garasich back in the studio to see how his comedy is progressing in a new market. In addition, Pittsburgh comic and one of Ryan's and my best friends, Harry Gilliland joins in as we catch up on comedy, talk processes, and compare and contrast Pittsburgh's and Phoenix's scenes.

As fans of the podcast will remember from Ryan's appearance on Episode 12, he's a huge movie fan so we break down the Best Picture leaders so you'll improve your chances during your Oscar pool during this Sunday's Academy Awards.

Posted on February 21, 2017 .

Episode 42 - Ryan Canty & Mary Parker

With this episode being No. 42 in our show's history, the number worn by Jackie Robinson when he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, and today's date being the midway point during Black History Month, I'm thrilled to be able to share my recent conversation with two African-American teammates of mine from The People's Highbrow, Ryan Canty and Mary Parker.

As the Pittsburgh improv community continues to become more diverse, I look to use this show to highlight the different voices of the member's of our community. While this episode scratches the surface of race, gender and sexuality and the role each plays both in life and in scene work.

Catch our guests all over Pittsburgh performing improv. They perform regularly on Arcade Comedy Theater's Bonus Stage (Sunday 7p). So look for show dates for Mary's Game Shark or Ryan's Laughing Vigilantes next time you are in the Cultural District. This weekend, I'm emceeing at the Unplanned Comedy Warehouse for the CONTEST 4 IMPROV 4 HUMANS, 8 PM both Friday and Saturday.

Posted on February 14, 2017 .

Episode 41 - David Kaye

Pittsburgh Comedian David Kaye has been telling jokes for 30 years. With shows all over Western Pennsylvania, he features both national touring comics and local talent. Now he's found a new home base in the South Hills at The Crowne. We talk about the changes in the scene over the last three decades, mistakes to avoid early on, and how he prepares for sets and new material.

This Saturday, February 11 David will be hosting for Pittsburgh funnyman and new author, Matt Wohlfarth, the Unplanned Comedy Stand Up Comedy 101 Teacher at 8 PM.

Posted on February 7, 2017 .