Improv 101: Agreement & Game - At the base of all long-form improv is the two-person scene. The class show will be a series of two person scenes where students will create strong characters through positioning, motivation and pattern - playing the game of the scene. We offer a truth, agree on that truth, then exaggerate and intensify that truth, playing the game. That's IMPROV 101 - AGREEMENT & GAME.

Improv 201: Scenes & Narrative - Moving forward, building on the two-person scene, the class acts as a team, introducing more characters, facts, and history, all guided by the original two characters. The heroes journey. The narrative. That's IMPROV 201 - SCENES & NARRATIVE

Improv 301: Harold - The class will perform Harold. Harold is a long-form show style developed by Del Close and Charna Halpern, and taught by many improv programs throughout the country. Harold creates 3 separate runs, all separate journeys following separate heroes, ultimately merging into one common thread. This is called seeing Harold.

Improv 315: The Actors Improv - The class show will be a completely improvised set, based in reality, staged on a built functioning realistic set, using real tangible props, and playing true to life characters that are somewhat close to self. 

Writing Comedy: Creating Cinematic Sketch Comedy - The class debuts their own sketch comedy short, completing their own creative journey form idea, to concept, to story, to script, to camera, to screen. A tremendous amount of work with amazing and hilarious results.

7:30 PM at CATTIVO, $5 admission, full bar and restaurant, 21+, Non-smoking.