Next Show: Saturday, 2/27/16 - 8:00 PM

(Every 4th Saturday of the month)

Two shows for $10. Opening the night is MAKE NICE BOOM. Three improv teams bring the funny, you pick the winner. Then MONDO! our special guest Monologist tells true to life stories as fodder for improvised scenes.

February welcomes John Dick Winters, local comedian, story teller and soon to be MONDO!

TED CITY YODELERS return as champs of MAKE NICE BOOM. They will Challenge two new teams. CLASSY AND RELEVANT and RHINO PLASTERED. Come see the comedy carnage.

NEXT SHOW: 2/20/16

(Every 3rd Saturday of the month)

A night of very special two-person improvised theater, better known as organized wackiness.



Cast: Chris Greg Gillotti, Brain Gray



Cast: Woody Drennan, Tessa Karel



Cast: Justin Vetter, Jerome Fitzgerald


$5 cash at the door - HAMBONES PUB - Adult content, Non-smoking, Full bar & Restaurant

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UNPLANNED COMEDY'S HAROLD FRIDAY NIGHT. Come check out a Harold. Based on one audience suggestion, each team, will create a wild and wacky play complete with crazy characters and even crazier scenarios. That's right they make it all up. A completely improvised, 30 minute comedic tale that is always chock-full of laughs. 

$10, 8pm, at CATTIVO, 146 44th St, (Lawrenceville), Pittsburgh PA. 15201. full bar & restaurant, 21+.

Next show: 2/5/16

(Every "First" Friday of the Month)

Next show: 2/12/16

(Every "Second" Friday of the month)

Thank You For A Resounding Success

Abby Krizner, Woody Drennan, Shannon Norman

Abby Krizner, Woody Drennan, Shannon Norman

Missy Moreno, Sean Collier, Connor McCanlus

Missy Moreno, Sean Collier, Connor McCanlus

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Today's landscape for sketch comedy is moving squarely to the small screen with big screen looks. Learn sketch writing with a cinematic feel in WRITING COMEDY: Creating Cinematic Sketch Comedy. You will confront all the ins and outs of writing, producing and directing your best and most dynamic ideas. New classes will start in January. See more sketches here

“The funniest moments in scenes come from watching, listening and reacting to the details, making stuff up, not that necessary.”
— Woody Drennan


Shoot a TV your TV show for UnplannedTV

NEXT SHOW : Friday, 2/5/16, 9:30 PM


Dave Forman hosts an all new game show. It's part game show, part sketch comedy.

Do you find yourself full of trivial facts. Do you find that most of those facts are about movies. Then this show is for you.

Each month we pick three audience members to come up on stage and test their knowledge of all things Cinematic. Show us your Cine-goods, your Cine-saavy, your Cine-insight.

$10. Comed early for the HAROLD TEAMS At CATTIVO, Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201. Full Bar & Restaurant, 21+, non-smoking.

“In our scene work, If we follow the follower, we all become leaders.”
— Woody Drennan