This Happens Friday July 10th, 

$10 - 8 PM at CATTIVO, 146 44th St. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15201, 21+, Non-smoking.

This happens July 18th...

8 PM at HAMBONES PUB. See three curious things that really make you laugh. Three teams of two, each bring their own special style of insanity to the stage. Very, very funny.




gestalt is a show you will tell your friends about. When you tell your friends, they won't understand what the hell you're talking about. Then you'll tell them, "Just go see it."

Cast: Ciarán O’Conaire, Remy Porter









WOODY AND TESSA are so sweet and adorable they make you laugh. Yes you heard me right, both are sweet and adorable. It surprised me too.

Cast: Woody Drennan, Tessa Karel







THE JUSTIN & JEROME EXPERIENCE is the kind of show you walk away from saying, "Why was a laughing so hard at that"

Cast: Justin Vetter, Jerome Fitzgerald





This battle happens July 25th...

The champs are crowned again. THE LEVEL ONEDERS brought the funny in full force, knocking off the challengers, IN PRAGUE and DEATH BY MARTIAN.

Only 2 votes separated the victorious from the defeated. Every vote counts people. Please come out next month when our champs take on ATOMIC JANE and HOTEL NOWHERE.

They bring the funny you bring the vote. Democracy at it's best. USA! USA! USA!

$10 - 8:00 PM at CATTIVO full bar and restaurant, 21+, Non-smoking. Includes admission to MONDO! directly after.


This happens later that night...

DAY BRACEY, the very talented local Pittsburgh stand-up is MONDO!. True stories of the road from a stand-up comedian. Simple perfect.

$10 - 9:30 PM at CATTIVO full bar and restaurant, 21+, non-smoking, Includes admission to MAKE NICE BOOM. Come early and see both.

This happens July 30th, 7:30 PM...

7:30 PM at CATTIVO, $5 admission, 21+, Non-smoking. Show details here

“The funniest moments in scenes come from watching, listening and reacting to the details, making stuff up, not that necessary.”
— Woody Drennan