Abby Krizner is our next MONDO!. Inspired by stories from Pittsburgh's rock goddess, a truly talented cast of improvisers will create, off the cuff, scenarios, characters, and general all around wackiness that will have you snarfing beer on your date. See the skillful exchanged between MONDO and Pittsburgh's finest improvisers. I'm predicting alot of drinking forties while listening to Cheap Trick, bits. UNPLANNED COMEDY LIVE, Friday, 12/5/14, $10 all night. 8pm -MAKE NICE BOOM, and 9:30pm -MONDO! See both. 

The votes were counted and WELL KNOWN STRANGERS are MAKE NICE BOOM champs one more time. One for the thumb, it's now 5 in a row. Our next show is 12/5/14, WKS takes on some formidable opponents. 

THE DEATH SHOW, a full on funeral, inspired by one audience members life. 

OCHO DIK DIK, a collection of eight, small, antelope-like improvisers ready to please you like never before. Spoiler, they're adorable. 

Your vote counts and is very necessary. Be an American. See you at Cattivo, 8pm.

Need more WELL KNOWN STRANGERS, check them out Thursday nights, 10pm hosting the PITTSBURGH IMPROV JAM.

Part sketch show, part game show, CINEBRAIN asks 3 lucky audience members to get up on stage and test their knowledge of all things cinema. Hosted by everybody's favorite human, Dave Forman, and starring the B Movie Players, this fun fantastic hour will have you rooting, cheering, or serving up some knowledge with your giant CINEBRAIN. Premieres Friday 1/9/15 at 9:30 pm, following Harold Friday Nights. See you on the set. 

“The funniest moments in scenes come from watching, listening and reacting to the details, making stuff up, not that necessary.”
— Woody Drennan