This happens October 9th, 8:00 PM

Unplanned Comedy's three Harold teams take the stage to create Harold right before your eyes. TED CITY YODELERS, JEFFREY THE PLANT, and THE WRITERS' ROOM

THE FRIDAY NIGHT BLEND - Harold team members, students, and special guest come together to do an old fashion improv mash-up.

8PM at CATTIVO. $10. 21+. Non-smoking. Food & Booze available. 

8pm HAROLD & 9:30pm The Friday Night Blend

The next match October 24th...

The Bread Boys are Champs

Alex and Woody got the votes and the win. Three great shows were seen, but in the end The Bread Boys wooed their way into the audience's hearts.

Check out the next MNB, The Bread Boys defend their title against two new challengers Eric & Charles and Day Drunk. They bring the funny, you bring the votes. Democracy at it's best. USA! USA! USA!

8:00 PM at Cattivo. $10 cash at the door. Includes admission to MONDO!. Stay and see both.

This happens later that night...

SHANNON NORMAN, stand-up comedy and all around funny guy tells true life stories as fodder for hilarious improvised scenes performed by some of Pittsburgh's funniest improvisers.

9:30 PM at Cattivo. $10 cash at the door. Includes admission to MAKE NICE BOOM at 8PM. Come early and see both. 


“The funniest moments in scenes come from watching, listening and reacting to the details, making stuff up, not that necessary.”
— Woody Drennan

This happens October 16th....

SERAMILLO is a couple of hilarious New Yorkers who moved their comedy talents from the big apple to the burgh. These veteran improvisers will bring the funny NYC style, loud and proud with a slight smell of urine. We welcome you to Pittsburgh. 

Cast: Erica Sera, Nick Jamarillo

WOODY AND TESSA are so sweet and adorable they make you laugh. Yes you heard me right, both are sweet and adorable. It surprised me too.

Cast: Woody Drennan, Tessa Karel

THE JUSTIN & JEROME EXPERIENCE is the kind of show you walk away from saying things like, "Why was I laughing so hard at that?"

Cast: Justin Vetter, Jerome Fitzgerald

8 PM at HAMBONES PUB. See three curious things that really make you laugh. Three teams of two, each bring their own special style of insanity to the stage. Very, very funny.

“In our scene work, If we follow the follower, we all become leaders.”
— Woody Drennan