This is happening this Thursday...

Each class gets their time in the spot light. Improvised and written performances done by some of Unplanned Comedy's very funny students.


7:30PM - IMPROV 101: Agreement & Game

- Students show you the basis of all improv comedy, the two person scene.

8:30PM - IMPROV 201: Scenes & Narrative  &  IMPROV 301: Harold

- Several improvisers expand the two person scene into a team dynamic, all coming together to build completely wild and hilarious narratives.

 - Students create Harold. Harold is a long-from improv style where a team of improvisors create an entire play, complete with multiple characters, scenes, and story lines, all merging into one common thread. 


- A performance of several comedy pieces, inspired by a set cast of players, and written by a talented crew of students.


There are new champs in town, and they call themselves YEAH, THOSE GUYS. Yes WELL KNOWN STRANGERS' nine month reign is no more. YEAH, THOSE GUYS will carry the banner of victory into the Oaks theater defending their title. Also that night will be MONDO!, starring the one and only Sally Wiggin. Mach 28th, 8pm.

The ever so lovely Stacy Keene knocked it out of the park as our special guest MONDO!. Good times by all, and who new that Woody looks like Mark Mothersbaugh. Pretty much only Stacy.

“The funniest moments in scenes come from watching, listening and reacting to the details, making stuff up, not that necessary.”
— Woody Drennan

MONDO! with SALLY WIGGIN goes to the burbs. 

Both MAKE NICE BOOM and MONDO! with SALLY WIGGIN take the funny to Oakmont at the newly and beautifully renovated OAKS THEATER. Check out the pictures below. 

MAKE NICE BOOM - 8PM - Three improv teams bring the funny, then you the audience cast your ballot determining the champ.

MONDO! -9:30PM -w/ SALLY WIGGIN Sally tells true to life stories as fodder for improvised scenes.

Both shows one price and PG-13. Ticket info below.


The Oaks Theater